Volkswagen Passat B9

Project Controls has been associated with the Volkswagen Passat model for three generations

28. 2. 2023

The VW Passat with the internal designation B9 is planned for 2023. Again, it will offer two body versions, while also counting on fully electric alternative. The Volkswagen Passat is already a traditional part of the German car company's offer, its first generation arrived as early as 1973. Today, its eighth generation is sold in Europe and although it is among the best-selling mid-range models in Europe, there was speculation about its possible end. But now it seems that the Passat is saved. From the 5th generation on development and delivery Bowden release systems also involve Project Controls. Since 2004, we have supplied the VW Passat model series 4,588,060 parts. We are proud to be part of this story.

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