A success story of a Czech company from Kyjov

The founder of Project Controls is Jaroslav Mrnka and his journey to mechanical release systems started with cycling equipment. As a sports lover, he opened a cycling shop in the nineties and then gradually expanded his activities. When he started to produce cables, it was only a short leap to the automotive industry. Still, the first successes didn’t come easily – quite the contrary, they required a lot of effort from everyone at Project Controls.

First orders started to come and the company worked tirelessly to become known as a high-quality and reliable partner among car factories. The break-through came in 2004, when the company won its place on the market once and for all. In the following years it moved from individual components to the production of more complex systems, and it purchased new premises and machines. Today it develops systems for cars by Škoda Auto, Audi, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porshe and Seat.

Of course, getting to today’s pace was a gradual process

Jaroslav Mrnka opens a cycling shop called Project and subsequently founds a wholesale shop with spare parts and his own brand of mountain bikes.


The company starts to manufacture components for bikes, including cables. These are supplied to Czech bike manufacturers.


The demand for cables is huge and Jaroslav Mrnka purchases his first production machine. It is installed in the basement of his house.


The cycling market stagnates, there aren't enough customers. The company therefore finds a partner in Italy and grows.


Jaroslav Mrnka founds a new company Project Controls, which focuses solely on the automotive industry. Two years later he sells the original company.


Project Controls becomes a partner of Robert Bosh and, one year later, of Magna International.


The company obtains an ISO 9000 certificate and acquires its first order at Škoda Auto.


The company shortly operates as a supplier for manufacturers of planes and trains.


The current premises of Project Controls are no longer sufficient. It moves to a new building and rents a larger warehouse.


Foundation of a subsidiary company VM Automatizace for the production of machines.


Complete modernization of the operation.


Project Controls supplies the whole Volkswagen Group and is one of the 5 largest European suppliers in this industry.


We live for automotive

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Our principles


Maximum quality of products and services is crucial in our field.


We appreciate creative ideas that help us improve our technologies.


We treat our partners and employees with respect.


Only by continuing to work on ourselves can we move forward.

Top team

Our team includes top professionals in the field and has access to state-of-the-art equipment.


We made it to the top in Europe and we continue to grow.

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