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When opening the door. When positioning your seat. When you decide to roll down the window to enjoy your ride to the fullest. Project Controls systems are there for you, any time you enter your vehicle. We are a leading European manufacturer of mechanical release systems for motor vehicles. We supply them to car factories and our products can be found in family cars, utility vehicles as well as luxury sports cars. Our innovative cable systems guarantee a safe and smooth ride for millions of users. Every day, for over twenty years.

History of the company

Project Controls is a Czech company based in Brno with a production plant in Kyjov. What started as a small local company grew into a European-scale business operating on the global market. At the beginning of this journey was a small shop with cycling equipment and, some time later, the first production machine built in the basement of a family house. How did we get from here to being a partner of leading global carmakers? Read our whole story.


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