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Škodu KODIAQ opět dolaďuje Project Controls v Kyjově


Škoda is starting the latest chapter of its success story: the second generation of its award-winning SUV. Kodiaq, a symbol of versatility and innovation, has already won the hearts of more than eight hundred thousand customers in sixty markets around the world and collected a number of prestigious awards.

Naše společnost opět stála u zrodu tohoto nádherného a bezpečného modelu, který v posledních dnech ohromuje celý svět.

Project Controls has been associated with the Volkswagen Passat model for three generations

The VW Passat with the internal designation B9 is planned for 2023. Again, it will offer two body versions, while also counting on a fully electric alternative. The Volkswagen Passat is already a traditional part of the German car company's offer, its first generation arrived as early as 1973. Today, its eighth generation is sold in Europe and although it is among the best-selling mid-range models in Europe, there was speculation about its possible end. But now it seems that the Passat is saved. From the 5th generation on development and delivery Bowden release systems also involve Project Controls. Since 2004, we have supplied the VW Passat model series 4,588,060 parts. We are proud to be part of this story.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS inside with parts from Project Controls

Thanks to its approach, Porsche constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible. The new 911 GT3 RS also proves it. With an increased power of 525 Hp and a motorsport modification, it is in top form ready for racing tracks. Project Controls also participates in this model with its deliveries. The control of the door locks is driven by the release mechanisms from the Kyjov company.

Porsche Taycan- Technology supported by Project Controls

That you can have fun even without emissions is presented by the sports car manufacturer Porsche with the Taycan model. The electric Porsche is so successful that it bites the shares of conventional players. It is so much in demand that it defeats even legends. The development and production of control mechanisms for door locks takes place in the production plant in Kyjov.

The new Audi Q8 before the official launch

The year 2018 is extremely important for Audi, as it has a massive model offensive planned, during which it introduces a new model every three weeks on average. Among the 17 new products are such cars as the new generations of the A1, Q3 and A6 models or completely new models in the form of the electric SUV e-tron and the luxurious Q8. Already in a short time to enjoy the safety and comfort of their dream new car.

The Lamborghini URUS has been officially unveiled

Lamborhini enters the SUV world with its new URUS model.

With this step, it wants to secure its position in the SUV segment on the world markets in the luxury SUV segment. Our company also participates in this premium model with its products. We were nominated for this project already in 2016, namely parts for controlling door lock assemblies Bowden assemblies 4ML 837 and 839 085 and closing the 5-door lock (Bowden assembly (4ML 827 535). In PC, these parts will be introduced into the series in the middle of 2018. Thanks to everyone who participated in the development.

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