What we do

A technological partner
of prestigious car factories

Project Controls manufactures bowden and control cables for motor vehicles. Our release mechanisms can be found in the door, under the hood or in the seats. They are invisible at first sight but they increase your comfort and make your vehicles safe. When electronics fail, it is our cable systems that prevent the doors from opening accidentally or let the driver exit the vehicle when they need to. We continuously innovate and improve our production of cable systems. This is one of the reasons why prestigious brands want to work with us on the development of new models, often starting from the very first design. Together we are building the future of the automotive industry.

Custom manufacture

We develop, manufacture and supply custom cable systems based on the requirements for the specific car make. It goes without saying that all our products meet all the required crashtest parameters.

Cooperation during development

Thanks to our unique know-how and dozens of years of experience, we are capable of designing improvements for car factories and then integrating them into the system.

Laboratory testing

All our products pass strict testing in a Project Controls laboratory that simulates the load and extreme temperatures. We also cooperate with specialized external laboratories.

Quality department

Quality is our utmost priority, which is why we dedicated a special department to quality that works with customers as well as suppliers.

Safe for the environment

We only use top-quality materials. We guarantee that all Project Controls systems are environmentally friendly and safe.

Compliance with standards

IATF 16949 – Quality Management System in the Automotive Industry

This standard guarantees the quality of products for the automotive industry. The processes focus on continuous improvement, preventing waste and eliminating defects.

ISO 14000 – Environmental management

A group of standards that allows organizations to identify and manage environmental impacts and to improve their environmental performance.

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